Assess and Decide

  • The tax status automatic check includes auto population of related fields for legal name, unique identifier, and tax status (in Australia, SmartyGrants interfaces with the Australian Business Register and in New Zealand, we interface with Charities Services and
  • Includes date and time stamp, which can serve as an audit trail demonstration completion of due diligence step(s)
  • Conduct online application reviews/assessments by multiple internal and/or external assessors
  • Control which applications can be seen by which assessors
  • Move applications between the various stages in your grants lifecycle, in bulk
  • Easily attach additional documentation or additional online forms to an application
  • Score, rate or comment on applications according to criteria set by the grantmaker
  • Automatically generate tasks when defined criteria is met based on certain rules
  • Record and see a history of a relationship with prospective grantees— for example, what grants they’ve applied for or been awarded in the past
  • Flag applications and contacts to ensure all staff are aware of special requirements
  • View the completed application in the same window as the assessment form
  • Supports checklist functionality to define what information or documents you require from prospective grantees
  • Use the Tasks feature to define automatic steps and rules, or “workflow,” for the grants review process

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