Workshop Schedule & Bookings

Online Training Workshops

All online training sessions use Microsoft Teams. If you are not familiar with Microsoft Teams, we would encourage you to watch this video to familiarise yourself with the application. You can check that your system meets the minimum requirements here.

Our training workshops are designed to give SmartyGrants users a practical, interactive, engaging, and affordable understanding of how SmartyGrants works.

The workshops also will help you work your grantmaking process into the SmartyGrants system. We will show you how SmartyGrants can make your job easier, from creating applications forms through to reporting, and everything in between.

We offer 2 different online workshops designed for the beginner as well as the more experienced user. These online workshops are available all year round and are spread over 3 half days to facilitate easy online learning.

Note: we do offer several training options, choose the solution which best suits your needs - see training options for more information.

SmartyStarter: All you need to know to get up and running


Cost: AUD$350 - Online Workshop

Run over 2 half days - both days included in price. Must attend both days.

New to SmartyGrants? Meet others in the same boat, and get all the skills you need to start your online grantmaking.

Spread over 2 half days our introductory workshop will give you a solid grounding in everything SmartyGrants with practical information on how to meet all your administrative needs and make your grantmaking easier. Our aim is to give you all the tools to minimise the administrative burden, to free you up to make a real difference in your communities.

Key Learnings:

Day 1 (4 hour duration)

  • What SmartyGrants is and how it is designed to work
  • How to create and test forms
  • Opening a grant round
  • What applications look like from the applicant's and grantmaker's perspective

Day 2 (4 hour duration)

  • Assessment processes
  • How to manage through the different stages of your process
  • Tasks functions
  • Decision making and allocation of funds
  • Using acquittals/reporting for your applicants' work
  • Filtering your applications
  • Running default and snapshot reports

SmartyStarter workshop is designed for beginners or less experienced users. It is offered over 2 half days. Both days are included in the booking registration and the course cost, and both days must be completed in order to gain a beginner's understanding of the full capabilities of the SmartyGrants system.

When registering for a SmartyStarter ensure that you are available for both half days and that you have a computer, with reliable internet service available.

After registration and a week before your session, you will receive an email confirmation from your trainer with instructions on how to log into the session and how to use Microsoft Teams.

These sessions are available all year round.

SmartyPlus: Develop your next-level skills


Cost: AUD$250 - Online Workshop

Take your Smartygrants skills to the next level.

Our intermediate-level SmartyPlus class will build on what you know, with workshops that are ideal for administrators and more experienced users. The half-day course will guide you through how to customise, convert, review and report on your current programs.

You'll also be able to develop what you've learnt from previous programs or grants rounds, and examine what you can do to improve your processes.

We can help you use the SmartyGrants system to its full capacity, explain all the new tools we're working on and share skills in best practice.

Key Learnings:

(4 hour duration)

  • Data hygiene - structure and customise Standard Fields, Contact Fields and Choice Lists
  • How to use CLASSIE (Classification of Social Sector Initiatives and Entities) to enable systematic classification
  • Bring the gender agenda into focus for grantees and grantmakers with our built-in Gender Lens
  • How to use Calculated Fields
  • Tips and tricks with standard fields and forms to review applications/project success
  • Better ways to provide feedback to applicants, how to give good news and be constructive
  • Build the reports you need using the Customise Report templates for both Word and Excel outputs including: summaries of grant rounds, assessment reports, produce notification letters, and to analyse your grantgiving over time

SmartyPlus caters to the more experienced user and administrator. This workshop is designed to take your SmartyGrants Skills to the next level.

After registration and a week before your session, you will receive an email confirmation from your trainer with instructions on how to log into the session and how to use Microsoft Teams.

You will need a computer with reliable internet and to get the most out of your session it's a good idea to come along armed with questions and examples to troubleshoot.

These sessions are available all year round.

Workshop Schedule

Eastern AM (Morning)

Please find your local session time below for Eastern AM:

  • Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane Canberra & Hobart 9:00AM - 1:00PM AEST
  • Perth 7:00AM - 11:00AM AWST (we recommend Eastern PM instead)
  • Adelaide & Darwin 8:30AM - 12:30PM ACST
  • New Zealand 11:00AM - 3:00PM NZST
SmartyStarter: All you need to know get up and running (Eastern AM) SmartyPlus: Develop your next-level skills (Eastern AM)
Wed 25 & Fri 27 May
Tue 7 & Wed 8 Jun Thu 9 Jun (SOLD OUT)
Wed 15 & Thu 16 Jun
Tue 28 & Wed 29 Jun Thu 30 Jun
Tue 12 & Wed 13 Jul Thu 14 Jul
Thur 28 Jul
Tue 9 & Wed 10 Aug
Wed 31 Aug & Thu 1 Sep
Tue 13 & Wed 14 Sep Thu 15 Sep
Tue 11 & Wed 12 Oct
Tue 18 & Wed 19 Oct Thu 20 Oct
Tue 8 & Wed 9 Nov Thu 10 Nov
Tue 29 & Wed 30 Nov
Wed 14 & Thu 15 Dec
Tue 20 & Wed 21 Dec Thu 22 Dec

Workshop Schedule

Eastern PM (Afternoon)

Please find your local session time below for Eastern PM:

  • Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane Canberra & Hobart 1:00PM - 5:00PM AEST
  • Perth 11:00AM - 3:00PM AWST
  • Adelaide & Darwin 12:30PM - 4:30PM ACST
  • New Zealand 3:00PM - 7:00PM NZST (we recommend Eastern AM instead)
SmartyStarter: All you need to know get up and running (Eastern PM) SmartyPlus: Develop your next-level skills (Eastern PM)
Wed 1 & Thu 2 Jun
Tue 5 & Wed 6 Jul
Tue 2 & Wed 3 Aug Thu 4 Aug
Tue 16 & Wed 17 Aug
Tue 6 & Wed 7 Sep Thu 8 Sep
Tue 4 & Wed 5 Oct Thu 6 Oct
Wed 2 & Thu 3 Nov
Tue 15 & Wed 16 Nov
Tue 6 & Wed 7 Dec Thu 8 Dec

Bookings, Cancellation and Refunds Policy

Registrations must be paid 10 working days prior to the event. Workshops are confirmed via email no less than one week before the event, using the email address provided on registration. NO REFUND is available where notice of cancellation is received after a workshop has been confirmed. If you are unable to attend on the day of training due to illness or workload changes, you may transfer your registration to another member of your organisation, or your voucher/ payment will be forfeited. Written notice to is required for cancellations and substitutions.

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