Our team

Before you read about the technical features of SmartyGrants, you need to know about our killer app – our team.

The SmartyGrants team is highly experienced in the grantmaking, grantseeking and technology arenas.

We also really care about our work. We’re passionate about creating positive social change – this underpins every single thing that we do to create accessible, commonsense solutions to improve the interactions between grantmakers and grantseekers of all sizes and types.

Group Leadership Team

Denis Moriarty AM, Our Community Founder and Group Managing Director

Denis is the founder of Our Community and its Group Managing Director. He has a strong background in executive management in both the public and private sectors. He was the former head of the Victorian Government’s Information Service, Managing Director of Strategic Australia Pty Ltd, a boutique management consultancy, and former Commissioner and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian Tourism Commission. Denis is a graduate of both the Vincent Fairfax Ethics in Leadership Awards and the Williamson Community Leadership program, and a member of several not-for-profit and private boards. He is a graduate of Harvard University’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program.

Kathy Richardson, Our Community Executive Director & Chaos Controller

Kathy has more than a decade’s experience overseeing grantmaking knowledge development and dissemination. She is also an experienced grantmaker and grantseeker, having held a range of roles with a number of not-for-profit and grantmaking organisations and networks. A journalist by trade, Kathy oversees the Our Community Group’s communications activities as well as helping to develop and embed technology reforms and new business directions. She was a founding team member for SmartyGrants. Kathy has a degree in journalism from RMIT and a long-standing interest in community and social justice issues. She was selected as an Eisenhower Fellow in 2014.

Innovation Lab

Sarah Barker

Sarah joined the SmartyGrants team in 2014, and now works on a number of data projects across Our Community. She has more than 10 years’ experience in consulting, systems architecture, training and management, working mainly on large-scale IT system replacements. Before joining SmartyGrants, Sarah spent two years working for an international NGO in London, first in their IT department and then as the coordinator for a multi-million dollar livelihoods project funded through a corporate grant. She is particularly interested in poverty reduction, ICT for development, and women’s rights and empowerment.

Dr Paola Oliva-Altamirano

Paola trained as an Academic Researcher in Astrophysics was based at Swinburne University of Technology from 2012 to 2017. Now she is bringing her research and data science skills to Our Community's Innovation Lab. She is part of the "data science for good" movement, which seeks to keep not-for-profit organisations up to date with technology. Paola believes that everyone should have access to education. She followed this passion by co-founding the Organisation for Central American Astronomers: "Astrophysics in Central America and the Caribbean (Alpha-Cen)" providing mentorship to students in underdeveloped countries. She was selected as an Uptake Data Fellow in 2018 and a participant of the leadership Veski program, inspiring woman in STEM side-by-side, in 2020.

Dr Nathan Mifsud

Nathan is a data scientist in Our Community's Innovation Lab. He has done research in youth mental health and higher education, is an enthusiastic teacher, and has a PhD in cognitive neuroscience from UNSW. He cares about social good, the lives of animals, and tight hex bolts.

Stef Ball

Stef is communications coordinator in Our Community's Innovation Lab, where she works with the rest of the team to research and write resources to help not-for-profit organisations understand data and become more data driven. Stef also heads up the Funding Centre, an online grants database and fundraising capacity website and enterprise of Our Community. Stef has a degree in journalism from UQ and is interested in closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, reducing mental health stigma and intersectional feminism.

Business Development & Education

Georgie Bailey

Georgie joined the team in March 2019 as Director, Education and Business Development. She brings a wealth of practiced and proven strategic leadership, honed from her many years leading teams in Commonwealth government grants administration. Georgie led the implementation and transformational roll out of SmartyGrants across 25 grant programs valued at over $80 million. Georgie works with clients by taking their latest challenges and combining them with her real world experience to design solutions that work and get it done. It's a very powerful combination: a SmartyGrants super user, a proven dynamic business processes designer, and a strategic leader trusted by some of Australia's most substantial grantmakers.

Charles Rignall

Charles is the Business Development Manager in the SmartyGrants team. With more than 35 years of global sales and customer engagement experience, Charles has worked with major IT hardware and software vendors in Australia and the USA, plus leasing companies involved in funding IT acquisitions. He commenced his career with IBM, and since 2000 he has focussed on business process driven solutions. Charles is also a voluntary member of the Business Development Board for one of Victoria’s regional health service providers that offers a range of health, welfare and community services.

Training, Support & Service

Jodie Shanks

Jodie is our Director of Platform Transformation at SmartyGrants. She has been with Our Community since 2012. In her current role, Jodie helps guide SmartyGrants’ strategic direction, with a focus on product transformation. Jodie also heads up our training and support area, where she works on continual improvement of our interactions with clients and colleagues. Previously, Jodie worked in a variety of different roles, from marketing and communications to membership management to bank analyst to tour guide. Before joining SmartyGrants, Jodie was immersed in the grantmaking world whilst working within the research and planning area at beyondblue. Jodie has a Diploma in Business Management, train-the-trainer qualifications and is currently completing a Bachelor of Business (Information Systems).

David Bradley

David joined the SmartyGrants team in March 2019 as a Training and Support Specialist after an extended period working in Learning and Development in Tokyo, Japan. Originally working in research laboratories as an instrument technician, he has also held positions in fashion, logistics, hospitality and tourism. David is driven by helping people become the best they can be and has a passion for sports and gaming.

Gina Cirillo

Gina is the SmartyGrants Training and Events Specialist, overseeing the design, coordination and delivery of the SmartyGrants training program. Along with writing and coordinating the monthly distribution of SmartyNews to a global grantmaking community, she also coordinates all SmartyGrants related events including monthly networking events and an annual grantmaking conference. When she's not working give Gina a lump of clay, a pottery wheel, a glass of whiskey and some sweet tunes. She looks forward to having an Australian as the head of state and to a time when equality is a given for all.

Max Penno

Max is our Support & Training Team Leader at SmartyGrants. He has been with Our Community since 2019. In his current role, Max leads our support and training team who deliver first-rate customer support and training. He aims to make life easy for SmartyGrants users by promoting best practice and efficiency in support and training operations day-to-day. Max values high quality education in all aspects of grant management. A background in operations management, business administration and degree lecturing drives his passion for development of people and processes in order to achieve excellence in work and education. Max is a graduate in music composition and business administration. He also holds a postgraduate qualification in commerce and is currently working toward a Master of Business Administration (Educational Leadership). In his spare time, Max enjoys writing music for screen and mentoring higher education students in various disciplines of business in the creative industries.

Georgia Wilton

Georgia works as a Support Specialist and Account Manager. Having joined the SmartyGrants team in 2013, Georgia knows her way through each and every element of the SmartyGrants system and you'll be lucky to find someone that can skin a site faster. Georgia's an avid member of the Our Community Slack channel dedicated to cats, and can often be found playing doctor to the office plants. She appreciates the comradery her team and the Our Community office provides, and enjoys spending time with her favourite colleagues outside of hours.

Irene Zelios

Irene joined the SmartyGrants team in 2019 as an account management and support specialist. She has qualifications in member services, banking, business administration and training. Her previous job was as a ghost guide in Melbourne's notorious former Pentridge Prison.

Knowledge Services

Matthew Schulz

Matthew is an experienced journalist, charged with writing and editing for a range of Our Community publications and websites. Matthew joined the Our Community team in 2017, and before that was a digital editor at the Herald Sun and Sunday Herald Sun, and reporter for the masthead's web and print editions. He has a shared Walkley Award for coverage of Victoria's devastating 2009 bushfires, and has an arts honours degree in Communications.

Josh Presser

Josh joined Our Community in January 2020 as Director, Special Projects, SmartyGrants, where he spends his days building tools and resources to help drive best practice grantmaking. He has extensive experience leading the management and delivery of large scale Commonwealth grant programs in the Settlement and Multicultural Affairs, Disability Employment and Families and Communities portfolios. Josh holds a Bachelors of Commerce (Management) and Arts (Media and Communications) from Deakin and Swinburne Universities.

Technology Excellence

Lars Jensen

Lars joined SmartyGrants in early 2016 after amassing nearly two decades of experience in digital and large enterprise IT as a software developer, architect and consultant. With a strong specialisation in Java EE, his expertise also encompasses a broad array of web and integration technologies, attained in a range of industries including banking, online retail, government and insurance. An advocate of open source software, Lars is enthusiastic about delivering robust, scalable and secure systems that are a pleasure to use. Lars holds a Bachelor of Business Systems from Monash University.

Jessica Rutherford

Jess joined Our Community early in 2016 to lead the SmartyGrants delivery team. She has more than 12 years' experience in the IT industry, from consulting with a niche software development company, to working with large-scale corporates. Starting her career as a business analyst, Jess has always been keen to understand customer requirements and ensure systems are built with users' experience at heart. Before joining SmartyGrants, she ran large-scale IT projects in the banking sector. Her passion for community (in particular Scouting) makes Our Community a natural home.

Jimmy Campion

Jimmy is a software developer with 20 years’ experience who is part of the SmartyGrants team. He has experience in web-application development, design and architecture from industries such as publishing, utilities, education and finance. Jimmy is passionate about delivering user-friendly software of a high quality. He has an honours degree in Computer Applications from Dublin City University.

Cecille Cruz

Cecille joined Our Community as a SmartyGrants developer in December 2013. She worked as a developer in the Philippines and Singapore for more than a decade before migrating to Australia in 2011. Past roles have included developing, maintaining and supporting a range of web-based applications including an automated billing system, merchant and banking loyalty system, an insurance system application and other in-house applications.

Anna Greenhalgh

Anna joined Our Community in early 2015 as a business analyst, working with the SmartyGrants team. Anna has more than 15 years’ experience working on large-scale corporate IT projects across a variety of organisations in the finance, telecommunications, consulting and retail industries. Outside the office, Anna is actively involved with several community groups and not-for-profits, making Our Community an ideal place for her to work. Anna holds a Bachelor of Information Systems from the University of Melbourne.

Jesslyn Ham

Jesslyn joined the SmartyGrants team in 2020 having previously worked for an insurance company as a software developer. Jesslyn worked for various companies in Jakarta before her move to Australia. She enjoys solving problems and keeps active by playing basketball, hiking and going to the gym.

Laxmi Kanukuntla

Laxmi is a dynamic software professional, having amassed over 12 years’ experience in designing and developing large-scale object-oriented applications in the insurance and gaming domains before joining Our Community. She is passionate about developing robust, scalable and secure systems that are user friendly.

Alex Lloreda

Alex joined the SmartyGrants team in 2019 as a software developer. He brings to the role over 15 years of experience in the telco and Finance sectors, having worked in companies big and small, even his own start-up. He has a Masters in Software Engineering and bachelor degree in Computer Science from Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya. He's passionate about triathlons and he's always trying to convince someone to join him for a lunchtime run. He likes his architectures loosely-coupled, and his languages strongly-typed.

Jon Moyles

Jon is a developer of web applications and software-as-a-service. His background includes user experience design and applications programming on projects for the health, training, primary industries and transport sectors. He is passionate about ensuring that the software he works on is not only functional, but also easy and pleasant to use.

Abhilash Narayana

Abhilash joined SmartyGrants as a DEVOPS engineer in April 2019. Prior to this role, Abhilash was working in India, amassing around 12 years’ experience in IT across different domains. Abhilash always looks for opportunities to automate things, and enjoys playing cricket and badminton in their free time.

Tim Nolan

Tim brings more than 15 years of experience in web applications development and architecture to the SmartyGrants team. Tim has developed software in online, telecommunication and finance industries. He is active in the Open Source community and is the author and maintainer of the popular JSCover project. He has a double degree in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering from the University of Melbourne.

Ronald Wibowo

Ronald is part of the SmartyGrants technology team. He has over 15 years of experience in enterprise IT across the retail and finance (superannuation) sectors, and four years’ experience as a development lead for VicSuper. He holds a first-class honours degree in Computer Science from Swinburne University and is passionate about software development and technology.

Tiehua Zhang

Tiehua joined Our Community’s SmartyGrants team in 2015 as an intern Java developer. He has a computer science bachelor degree from JiLin University in China, where he was rewarded as one of the annual outstanding graduates. Tiehua is currently studying a PhD focusing on the Internet of Things. He is passionate about developing user-friendly software and devoted to improving functionality.

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