Georgie Bailey - SmartyGrants In-House Consultant

+61 421 927 727

Georgie Bailey is our in-house consultant, SmartyGrants specialist and grants administration expert. Georgie provides a specialised bespoke SmartyGrants build, implementation and deployment based on her very own deep applied grants administration experience. As a previous SmartyGrants customer Georgie knows how to set up and fine tune SmartyGrants so customers get the best out of it, so they have a tailored solution that meets and exceeds their business needs.

Georgie works with organisations to gain an understanding of their business needs to supply business process design solutions, high-level conceptual custom development solutions and hand-crafted build solutions that help reduce costs of the grant process, increase efficiency, reduce bottlenecks and improve effectiveness. Georgie also links up with the SmartyGrants Delivery and Support teams throughout the process, ensuring a seamless implementation.

Georgie joined the SmartyGrants team in March 2019 as Director – Business Solutions, Design and Development. She brings a wealth of practiced and proven strategic leadership, honed from her many years leading teams in Commonwealth Government grants administration. Georgie was in charge of the implementation and transformational roll-out of SmartyGrants across 25 grant programs valued at over $80 million.

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